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What is NRI Home Loan

NRI Home Loan allows many NRIs (Non Resident Indians) to get home loans when investing in properties. Financially, it makes sense to purchase a property through home loan rather than through personal financing especially when you can invest your personal funds somewhere else for better returns.

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NRI Loan Eligibility

There is no other sense of security than having a Home in your own country. LFS Loans offers wide variety of home loans for NRIs aspiring to own a house in India. Our products are customizable according to your home loan eligibility and are available at one of the lowest interest rates.Applicant should have a NRI/PIO status and must be working abroad with valid documents namely passport and visa or OCI card, as per RBI guidelines

What else LFS Loans do

Totally Online Process we do the rest and no need to worry about the documentation.

We provide low interest rates to help you to pay less EMIs.

Fastest process within 2 week and Max loan can be provided.

Max 2 weeks can get disbursal of the loan

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" We LFS Loans is expert in doing NRI Home Loans in Hyderabad, Wherever is from you are we can provide and Assist you getting your dream come true "
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Most frequent questions and answers

You can apply for an Home Loan even before you have selected your property. LFS Loans will help for choosing Property and the Loan Amount.

A co-applicant is not mandatory to avail a Home Loan. Personal Guarantor (GPA Holder) is required if there is no co-applicant. The co-applicant must be a resident Indian if you staty Abroad or an NRI.

Co-applicant can be son, daughter, sister, brother, parent or spouse. We can include your spouse’s income to enhance your loan amount. Further, if there are any other co-owners, they too will need to be co-applicants.

Your loan will be disbursed after you have selected a property; submitted all the necessary legal documents; the property is technically and legally cleared; and you have paid your own contribution toward the purchase of the home. The cheque for the loan amount is drawn in favor of the builder or seller as the case may be. In the case of an under-construction property, The Bank disburses loan amounts appropriate to the state of construction.

Loan Repayment Tenure can give Upto 30 Years based on the Eligibility and Conditions.

Further assistance can be provided if you needed any clarification before starting . Contact Us

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